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Bingo Love Rewards Update

Howdy folks!!!

Just wanted to check in and update you that rewards and stretch goals goodies (postcards, stickers, keychains, enamel pins, etc) are being ordered. I’m very excited that the ball is rolling.

The book is coming along pretty good. I know I sorta kinda promised a page when I update you, but…

Anyways, soon you’ll be receiving an email from BACKERKIT...

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Bingo Love Reaches Over $57k!

It’s been about two weeks since the Bingo Love Kickstarter ended and I’m still in disbelief that people have invested in something I created. Seriously, my mind is blown.

I asked for $19,999 for Bingo Love and the grand pledge total was $57,148. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. I canNOT thank you all for believing in this Black Queer romance novella...

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From the bottom of my heart….

Yesterday, the Bingo Love Kickstarter ended and I crumbled to the floor. A tidal wave of emotions just slammed into me. My daughter, BatTeen, rushed into the room, saw me on my knees and thought that I had fallen – it didn’t help that I was crying on top of it. She was going to call 911 because she was worried that I had hurt myself (don’t you awwww her, because she’s a pain in my bad leg...

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