Image Comics Bingo Love Cover Reveal

The last Bingo Love update revealed the gorgeous Kickstarter cover by Gisele Lagace. This update will reveal Image Comics cover for Bingo Love done by non other than Genevieve FT!!!! It’s just the cutest cover ever. Actually, all the Bingo Love covers are the cutest cover ever LOL!

Take a gander.

This version of Bingo Love will be in comic shops on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and on February 20th wherever books are sold.

Right now you can preorder Bingo Love on Amazon!

If you want to get the book earlier than the 20th, print out this order form, fill it out and bring it to your local comic shop! They’ll order your books for you. It’s SUPER important that you preorder the book. Those are the numbers that matter and will even put Bingo Love on the bestselling lists!

Here’s your order form to print and fill out:

Read about Image’s Bingo Love here and order it for a friend or two! Tell your comic shop to order Bingo Love with code: DEC170648