From the bottom of my heart….

Yesterday, the Bingo Love Kickstarter ended and I crumbled to the floor. A tidal wave of emotions just slammed into me. My daughter, BatTeen, rushed into the room, saw me on my knees and thought that I had fallen – it didn’t help that I was crying on top of it. She was going to call 911 because she was worried that I had hurt myself (don’t you awwww her, because she’s a pain in my bad leg. LOL) and needed to go to the hospital. When I assured her that I was okay and gave her the Bingo Love stats, she sat on the floor with me and hugged me so tight.

It was beautiful. I have NEVER had this much support for anything that I’ve done…EVER. I had to take yesterday off to cry and process everything that happened.

I remember feeling bad asking for $19,999 and was worried how was I going to get the book made, because no one would help fund a book for that high amount. Apparently, I was wrong. 1,950 backers pledged $57,148!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now what?

Right now the team is still working on Bingo Love. Our artist Jenn St-Onge, is also the artist on Jem & The Misfits (make sure you check that out), and she’s put together a good schedule that will have everything going to the printers on time. If you’re following Jenn on Twitter you might be able to catch sneak peeks from her WIP shots.

Some have been asking for an opportunity to buy pins, postcards and extra books. I’m working on something right now that should allow you all to add whatever you’d like to your order.

I won’t be sending out surveys any time soon as we’re not close to shipping and who knows if anyone’s moving between now and December. I’ll probably send those shipping surveys out in August/September.

I’ll be posting updates sporadically and possibly throw in a few pages here and there when I do post. The next update I send will be how anyone can add to their current Bingo Love order.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

I really can’t believe this happened thanks to all of you. Goodness.