Bingo Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Jenn St-Onge, Joy San, Erica Schultz, Cardinal Rae, and myself, Tee Franklin, wanted to give you all a special Valentine’s Day present. The 5 of us are pleased to announce a new comic entitled Bingo Love that will be LIVE on Kickstarter on 3/15!

Throughout the month we will be dropping information here and there about Bingo Love. I know, I know, you want it now and you want to know everything. I promise in due time you will get to know a little bit about these young ladies. There’s actually an interview in the works where clues and tidbits may or may not be dropped, but for right now, we want to get you all excited about our LGBTQ romance comic.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may be able to find some clues that I’ve randomly dropped here and there over the past few weeks.

I will tell you that all the creators involved wanted to tell this story in their own way; the way the lines, colors and letters just blend together…it’s truly a dream come true.

We ask that you all follow us on Twitter for updates and sneak peeks. I can say the more followers we get, we might release something sooner rather than later. Spread the word. Share the website. There are two beautiful Black young ladies in love!